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The Green Advantage

Your Local Partner in a Greener Planet

Whether you think so or not, every step one individual takes toward a greener work environment makes a direct impact on the planet. It may not appear so obvious in the normal course of the day, but it does; big time. That's why we at Advantage Business Systems have adopted a Clean Earth Campaign that encompasses some of the latest (and highly innovative) practices both here in Jackson and further upstream among our suppliers. Here's a look at some of the programs we have underway that are making great strides in keeping our environment free of unnecessary plastics, chemicals and other toxins.

Recycling Center Open at ABS

Have an old Konica Minolta toner or postage machine ink cartridge you want to get rid of? Advantage Business Systems can help you recycle that at our Jackson, MS headquarters.
For more info call 601.362.9192 or 844.833.6245.

 The Green Advantage

Muratec Earth Friendly Products

Muratec also strives to be an environmentally conscious company by incorporating paper recycling and energy conservation into our everyday business practices. The company's goal is to improve the world around us by developing cutting-edge multi-functional products that continuously set industry standards.

Muratec encourages customers to join its efforts by participating in Muratec's Earth Friendly Products program. This program allows Muratec customers to recycle their used toner cartridges without hassle. Muratec is proud to offer this program to our customers in the hope that together we can make a difference.

Konica Minolta: ​​​​​​​Clean Planet Program

Konica Minolta’s Clean Planet Program leads the industry in protecting the environment. Now, we’re taking another step forward by simplifying our program to make it even easier and more convenient. Saving energy, managing resources and promoting policies that really make a difference -- it’s all part of our commitment to preserve the planet for generations to come.

Pitney Bowes: Helping Businesses Help ​​​​​​​the Environment

Square 9 Case Study

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